Friday, March 07, 2008

#8 RSS Readers

I've used Bloglines for about 2 years now to stay current on library and technology blogs, although I do find that I'm not keeping up with posts as frequently as I should as things get busier at school. I've also recently found several friends with feeds and it's nice to follow their blogs without having to remember to stop by and see what they're doing.

One of my biggest frustrations is bloggers who force you to come to their site to read posts. It is so much more convenient to read everything in one window. I stopped reading Joyce Valenza's posts on a regular basis when she gave up her personal blog to write for SLJ. I miss her insight, and I try to pop by SLJ every once in a while, but it's just a nuisance to have access to only a teaser. Pretty much any blogger that does that cuts down on the frequency of my reading. I guess I'm only hurting myself, but with limited time I have to make choices!

I use gmail for my primary email and it makes sense to add my feeds to Google Reader, so I decided to set up feeds there--it is definitely more user-friendly and easier to add feeds to than bloglines. I'll have to see how I like following my feeds with it.

My public Bloglines blogroll is accessible here.

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  1. I like Google Reader so much better than Bloglines. You can read the pop up short version or easily click on the whole post. I have all of my SLL2.0 blogs that I am cheering tagged with SLL2.0, so I can easily see when one of you has written a new post.

    I hope you enjoy it and find it useful.