Friday, March 07, 2008

#7 FlipVideo and RCA Small Wonder

School Library Journal has had reviews of the FlipVideo and the Small Wonder in the print issues this school year (September 2007, March 2008). Jeff Hastings, Test Drive columnist shows off the resulting video head-to-head on the SLJ site.

I haven't done much with video production, but I would love to see students doing vodcast book reviews. The cost of these two video cameras make it seem like I could use one to do just that. I know with the students I deal with, some don't want to go near a camera, but there are definitely some who are far from camera-shy! Last week, our PSEA Central Region COP was in-district taking pictures for a commercial we're co-producing with the EA, ESP and district. They popped by the library and Lucy wanted to photograph me with the kids. We faked me helping them on the computer (if I turn up a copy of the picture, I'll post it!) and by the third snap of the shutter, there were about 6 kids clustered around that computer, so there is some draw.

I have discussed the idea of pod/vodcast book reviews with our Lit-Media teacher, but we haven't done anything yet. I've got a growing list of ideas of ways to engage students.

Speaking of, this week for Read Across America, we hosted a "Read-a-Latte Cafe" in the library. Each morning anywhere from 15-30 students came to have breakfast and hear about a book or series. We found a different adult to lead discussion each day. The books were the Bluford High, Eragon, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Hatchet, and Shiloh series. I used NoveList to get a list of related or similar titles and made bookmarks with four covers (one from the original series and three from other authors) and then listed additional authors and/or titles at the bottom. They came out pretty good and the students seemed to want to collect them each day. I only found one left on the tables, so hopefully they'll even use them! We printed them on cardstock with SOAR reading strategies on the back.

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  1. Great ideas for getting the students involved. There are so many ways we can use videos like this. Thanks for the links to the reviews of the RCA and FlipVideo camcorders. I was only vaguely aware of these cameras, but this review was great and was so helpful to see the comparison of the 2 cameras.

    I want one and my birthday is coming. Who can I tell about this? I can use it at school and maybe actually get that online, podcast, vodcast library orientation going. What fun! Thanks for sharing.