Monday, January 28, 2008

#6 Flickr fun, mashups, and 3rd party sites

I did some fiddling with Flickr tonight and got this montage using the tag "schoollibrary" and I did some doodling with the tool at retrievr and found this adorable stuffed knitted doll. Now I just need to find the pattern she used! :D

I also used fd's flickrtools to create the "trading card" to the right. These are my kids and I always like to show them off. The trading card format is pretty cool. I can tell that my son would love to have something like this created and I may just do something with an existing picture to create custom valentines for his school swap this year. What a fun way to share a picture with family and friends.

As for a way to use this in my library, I can envision using this to create reader trading cards or blogger cards for the students who participate in our student book discussion blog. I imagine they could then be printed and given to the students as bookmarks or awards. I need to begin to think about ways to use my digital camera and promote my library. I wonder if something like this could be incorporated into our LSL grant proposal to help fund a printer, camera and card stock. There's always something more we can do to promote reading in our libraries--but would this truly motivate my students? More food for thought, as always!


  1. Welcome to School Library Learning 2.0 -- love your blog name and good to see you are having fun.

    Best wishes.
    - Jackie Siminitus
    CSLA 2.0 Team project manager

  2. Way to use those photo tools! Remember to put your great ideas into the California Curriculum wiki!

  3. Hi Kim,

    Welcome to School Library Learning 2.0. I am enjoying reading your posts and your trading card of your children is beautiful. Flickr is so great, but they recently blocked it at my school and I am really disappointed. There are so many things we could use it for.

    I especially liked your inclusion of 2.0 skills in your goals on your earlier post, and I am going to tag your post so I can come back to this when I review my goals. I want to add 2.0 skills to mine as well.

    I hope you continue with the 23 things and I will cheer you on.

    Bye for now from Librarymum of PageSpace

  4. In fiddling with flicker, I found that I was more frustrated with the amount of time it took to tag and find photos that correlated with the tags.

    My thought with the trading cards was to promote the newest books in the collection. But the printing of the tradig cards would be prohibited for a large school.

    I did like that the trading cards had a template that was easy to use.