Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Teacher Blogging Challenge--Down Blogging Lane

I've decided to participate in the Teacher Blogging Challenge sponsored by EduBlogs. I resolved last month to post to my blog more regularly, but didn't manage to keep up with the holidays, sick kids and getting back in the work groove. None of those are particularly good reasons, but combined they are my excuse.

Now here's an exclusive interview with my blog:

How did you get started?
Well, I guess I was a glimmer in my mother's eye. Hey wait, I think that's how Kim was started! Seriously though, I began as part of her professional goal to participate in 23 Things for School Librarians.

What have you learned?
You can't have hurt feelings if you're forgotten. A blog is like a good friend; no matter how long you've been apart, you slip back into being comfortable immediately. Life happens, sometimes other things are more important, but when you come back, I'll be here to listen and to share your thoughts with others--because, although friends should keep secrets, I'm more like a friend who plays Telephone. ;)

How do you come up with new ideas?
Honestly, I think this blog is more about reflecting than about producing new knowledge. It's a place to think aloud and hope that others will share their ideas too.

What's the most difficult thing you face?
It's hard to feel motivated to write when there aren't readers and commenters. Even so, being in the habit of visiting me and responding to others is the best way to engage.

What are your hopes for the future?
Well, I hope that I get more attention--especially from that Laugh-Out-Loud Librarian. If she doesn't pay attention to me, no one else has any reason to do it either.

You mention "LOLbrarian." Who is that exactly and where on earth did the name come from?
Well, of course, she's my author. She's a high school librarian who's been around for a while. Back in the '90s, when all of those chat abbreviations began, she was a happy young librarian who has a rather distinctive and, well . . . loud laugh. She liked the LOL acronym and 'brarian seemed to follow it naturally, so she adopted the moniker. Yadda, yadda, yadda--she's lolbrarian.
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  1. I like your sense of humour and your blog title. Thanks for sharing this post. The 23 things for librarians sounds really interesting. Is there an online website where we can get more information on this. There are a few librarians blogging in this section of the challenge. You might like to comment back on their posts and develop another supportive network.

  2. Hi Kim,
    I recently facilitated a 23 Things course for teachers. it was a lot of fun and boy did it have me busy - there were 43 participants across 2 states. A lot of fun and hope to do it again! I learnt so much.

    I love your blog title again and what a great way to be remembered! I follow the Daring Librarian - she is a lot of fun and great for online tools. Do you know of Gwyneth? I also engaged in a brilliant live chat with librarians a week or so ago... hmm where is the link? Ahh thanks to Delicious http://tlvirtualcafe.wikispaces.com/Jan-3-11-Community
    Cheers Viv

  3. I love this post! I enjoyed the anecdote about how the LOLbrarian got her name. I always learn lots from blogs written by librarians. I am not familiar with the 23 things project you referred to, but I am on my way to Googling it now.

    Have a great day!