Monday, December 20, 2010

QR Codes

I said recently that I was going start using QR codes to share information with students. Since I don't currently have a device that will read the codes (hurry up Verizon, I want my iPhone), I have had to rely on the kindness of strangers and family members (some of them are strange too!) to see what happens when they scan a code I've generated.

When I get home tonight, I'm going to try and test them myself and see whether I can do what I think they should do. If so, I will be putting them up around my building tomorrow. This blog feed also loads in my libguides page, so it's possible people will get to them that way. Does anyone know if they can be scanned right from the computer screen?

I would love feedback from others using them in their classroom or library!
QR Code Survey

College search information


  1. Hi! Both of your QR codes scanned easily from the screen with my Droid. But the link to the survey seems to be broken. Getting a domain not found error. :(

  2. Hi Renee, thanks for the comment. I changed it out, thanks for the heads-up. I accidentally linked to my google doc instead of the form link!