Saturday, May 03, 2008

Conference Buzz

You know that "high" you get after spending time with your peers? I'm still on that buzz from the PSLA conference the past three days! We had amazing speakers and wonderful session leaders.

Allison Zmuda
was the conference's keynote speaker and she was so inspiring. I attended an additional session that she lead on Friday morning "Reframing the Work of the Librarian as a Learning Specialist" where she gave us permission to stop begging teachers to collaborate with us, to work with students rather than teachers and document the successes we see and encourage students to work on higher order thinking rather than low-level fact regurgitation. She's got a book coming out at the end of the month that she co-wrote with Dr. Violet Harada that I cannot wait to order and read this summer.

Last night, Ridley Pearson was our author-speaker. He discussed his books, his time in Thailand at 18 and life in a band with Dave Barry and Stephen King. He told us that he never wants to be as famous as King, that his fans are psychopaths--and then he told us about two "fan sightings" that scared him to death--a woman who set her fingernails on fire (instead of holding up her lighter or cell phone at a concert in Tennesee) and four fans who showed up requesting autographs for their copies of The Stand when the band's tour bus stopped for a potty break and to stretch their legs at 4am at a gas station in Alabama.

Today I heard Joyce Valenza talk about information equity and our obligation to ensure that our students have access to and know how to use the many Web2.0 tools there are out there to get create information.

I'll post more as I have time to review my notes but I wanted to do a quick post this evening.

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