Friday, April 11, 2008

"A Few New Things" by Joyce Kasman Valenza

Valenza, Joyce Kasman. "A Few New Things." Library Media Connection April/May 2008: 10-13.

This article was based on Joyce's NeverEnding Search post from SLJ.

One of the things she's suggesting that I want to think more about is using wikis to create and maintain pathfinders. I think this is a wonderful idea and it's one I hope to implement with some future projects. Our music teacher did a webquest for her composer project and I suspect it could be the basis for the start of one. They're supposed to be re-writing the guidelines for this project over the summer and have asked that I be allowed to sit on the curriculum writing committee to offer suggestions and support. My exploration of Oxford Music Online yesterday will definitely feed into this project and curriculum writing.

There are so many ways that web 2.0 engages students and forces them to become creators rather than consumers of information. I hope that I find others in my school who will be interested in bringing students into the 21st century as learners.

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  1. Yes! Wikis can be great pathfinders. I created one for "Speech 101" that included on the FrontPage how to pick a topic and appropriate resources, then added a page each for "sample topics" -- essentially, path finders or hot lists. I created the wiki in order to experiment with the new version of for educators.