Tuesday, April 29, 2008

PSLA Conference Wiki

The PSLA Conference Wiki is getting some use and improvements each day. I see that at least one conference-presenter has edited the information about his session stating that the PowerPoint he's showing will not be printed but will be linked to on the wiki. What a great way to be green--and to give access to content to people who are unable to attend his session!

One of my biggest frustrations about attending conferences is the wide variety of choices that are available and the difficulty in selecting the ones that will suit me best for the coming year. It's always tough to know what will be the best choices--and then even if you've made selections there's the chance that those sessions will be high-demand for other attendees as well and you end up sent to another session that isn't going to be as meaningful to you and your situation.

I'm really excited about the prospects of the wiki and using it to get some of the information I'll miss out on from sessions I'm unable to attend! I hope that others will find the wiki useful as well. The more people who use it, the more useful it will be. Thanks to Joyce Valenza for getting this up and running for us!

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