Sunday, March 30, 2008

#17 Wiki on curriculum uses of web 2.0 applications

In perusing the California Curriculum Connections Wiki, I looked at suggested applications of social bookmarking tools. I followed a link to The Clever Sheep and found some great suggestions. I can really see applications for and ease of creating weblinks for coursework--whether it's me or a teacher doing it. This suggestion:
7] Teachers can invent unique tags for each of their classes using the subject or course code as a tag. Students could then access any site deemed worthy... anyplace, anytime! Tags for a grade 11 science course might be found in a place like this: Better yet, if a teacher shares a really unique tagging code like 'luciersci3u' then students could add bookmarks to their own accounts, and since you can search bookmarks by any and all users at once in the root of, students would be able to conveniently access the bookmarks made by any and all members of the class.
looks particularly useful to me. I think it's something I can recommend to colleagues and they can implement as they have time. I can begin to create links for class projects that happen annually and not have to use district server space to store the data!

I posted a link to my student book discussion blog Rockin' Reads in the Sandbox. Blogging was a colleague's professional goal this year and we've been working on encouraging students to use the blog. I hope I can get these kids to continue to use it in the coming years.

I was a little disappointed that people who are taking the course couldn't add to the Wiki itself--that seems like it would be the best way to use the wiki and would save people from having to visit all of the different blogs linked on the main SLL2.o page, but I can also understand wanting some editorial control of the wiki.

Editorial Note: On March 31, I got a comment from another participant correcting my misconception that I couldn't contribute to the California Curriculum Connections Wiki. Today I posted a link to our book discussion blog on the Blogs and Avatars page.


  1. I was a little confused when you suggested that is would be a good idea to let us all post on the calcurriculum wiki. We can post on any of the pages on the wiki. It's the same password. We want you to add your good ideas to the page that applies to the particular subject. I would hope you would post your idea about using blogs on the blog page, not just in the sandbox. The sandbox gets erased and we will lose your great ideas. The sandbox is for playing and trying it out. I hope you will consider posting on some of the other wiki pages. I think we have created a great resource of suggestions of how to use web 2.0 tools effectively in school.

    You're nearly done!

  2. Thanks librarymum, I'm not sure what happened that I couldn't post before. I did try late last week but the password didn't work. I guess I must have either not been logged in when I tried OR I misspelled the password! :) I've added my idea on the Blogs and Avatars page now.