Wednesday, March 26, 2008

#11 Best of Web2.0: Craigslist

I decided to explore Craigslist a bit more. I live in the middle of my state and there aren't really any big cities nearby. There is not a local Craigslist, so I haven't ever really used it before. I've looked at it on occasion and in my explorations today, I did find that you can request that a new group be added so I created a profile and posted an add group request. Currently the closest group is about an hour from me either east, west or south. The town that is about 20 miles north of me probably could support a group, but as of yet, there is not one. I checked out the State College (Penn State) site and found that people from my area are also posting here, so it's probably a viable option, but certainly having one closer would be better, especially with the cost of gas right now!

I've got a child seat that I purchased for my daughter and which she's mostly outgrown, so I decided I'd post it. I'll be sure to update on how it works out. It'll be interesting to see if I find a taker.

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