Saturday, November 10, 2007

#5 Empty, empty shelves

These are some of my fiction stacks. (H-Z to be exact.) Yes, they are dreadfully empty. Both the top and bottom shelves are always empty. The last two sections of shelving are completely empty. I’ve spoken with someone about creating some decorative banners to go above the fiction, non-fiction, and reference stacks as well as ones for the circulation desk and book return cart.

We had a meeting yesterday about the library budget and I’m optimistic that we’ll get some additional funding. We were armed with statistics about the number of books per student and the average age of the collection. I hope that the board will be receptive to expanding the per student expenditure—which is currently $7.24. I’ve been somewhat fortunate because of my aggressive weeding, it’s been clear to the superintendent and business manager that the library needed some added funds, so they’ve been working with me and adding some extra money to my budget to help recoup some of the loss to the size of my collection.

I’ve been using Flickr for personal photos for about two years now, I think. In September, I upgraded to a paid account so that I can upload an unlimited amount of pictures and have an unlimited number of photo sets. One really neat thing that you can do with Flickr is to make notes about a photo right on it. I’ve joined a few groups: a “swaparooni” group (color-based gift swaps), a free knitting patterns group, and with this Flickr exercise, I learned about the libraries and librarians group and added my library pictures to that group.

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