Wednesday, November 07, 2007

#1 23 Things

When I read about School Library Learning 2.0 on LM_NET at the start of the school year, I was excited to delve a little deeper into the Web2.0 world. I’m already a blogger, although not a very habitual one. I use several 2.0 tools already, but I’m sure that I’m not using them to their fullest potential. I want to use them more effectively.

I believe that lifelong learning is a skill that everyone needs to be successful. I hope to instill that value in both my children and my students. I’m pleased to have found a group of like-minded individuals through the power of the Internet. We’ll be working through the 23 Things as a group and be able to support and help each other through the challenges we might face.

When I shared my professional goal with my principal, he was pleased and excited. I’ll paste that goal here so others can see what my plan is:

I will learn about Web 2.0 tools that are part of the power of the Internet. The California School Library Association has created an online tutorial called School Library Learning 2.0 which I will complete to expand my current knowledge. By nature, the Internet is now a social link. I will work with JaKay, a librarian from Albany, OR, as we go through the SLL2.0 tutorial and will discuss what we are learning and how we can use the tools with our students. I will be able to share my knowledge with students and faculty to assist them in using tools like blogs, Flickr , RSS, tagging, wikis, online productivity tools like Google Notebook, and online sources of multimedia (podcasts, YouTube, TeacherTube, eBooks.) I will blog about what I’m learning and can share those posts with you to demonstrate my knowledge and growth.
I will also be reading Teri Lesesne’s Naked Reading: What Tweens Need to Become Life-long Readers and reflecting on how I can apply her thoughts on creating readers to our students. JaKay will be reading this book with me and we will discuss it through email and/or comments on each other’s blogs. I will document that on my blog and share my plans with the administration and the Literacy Committee.

I’m looking forward to the learning and professional growth. I’m particularly excited to have a community of learners who are interested in joining me. Thanks ladies!

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